Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last Day of Fall

As promised, my next pinterest project.  Just in time for the last day of fall!

This one was really easy.  The original pinterest idea was to spray paint Starbucks coffee bottles, but since I'm not much into coffee, let alone cold coffee, I shopped around for some cool vases.  I found these at Hobby Lobby during their week of 50% off glass.  Score!

Instead of using the spray paint approach, I decided to paint the insides using acrylic paint instead.  All you have to do is squirt some paint into the vase and swirl it around.  It takes some time and patience, but in the end it gives it a glossier, glassier look.

After I fill in all the holes I let them dry upside down over night.  I still don't think they were 100% dry, but it was good enough for me!

Next I just cut out some letters on vinyl.  Sounds like the easy part of the project, but I only had green and blue vinyl.  So I thought I had come up with a brilliant solution to always having to buy different color vinyl (that stuff ain't cheap!).  Spray paint!  Why not right? didn't work out quite like I was imagining it.  The spray paint did cover it well, but a little too was incredibly hard to peel they letters off the backing once the paint had dried.  I did the best I could to clean up the rough edges, because I was determined this method was going to work.  Next time I'll probably just fork over the $8 and buy a roll!

In the end I was pleased with the final result.  I found some wheat stalks at Joann's and cut them down to size.  It definitely makes the mantle look very fall festivey, doesn't it?

That's the extent of my fall decorations this year.  Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!

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