Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Get organized this year!

Happy New Year!

I'm sad the holidays are coming to an end, and that real life starts back tomorrow.

I spent a good portion of the weekend taking down all the Christmas decorations.  Every year, I always have these lofty goals of getting really organized with all the Christmas decorations, but come January, my motivation is more than lacking.  My usual organization consists of throwing things into the nearest box and hoping I can shut the lid and still manage to be able to lift it into the attic....well, ok...lift it up the first two steps to hand it to my husband.

So why change this system of perfection if it's been working for me all these years?  Well, it's all well and good until December rolls around and I spend days looking for the wreath hanger that I swear I bought last year and is now lost in the one of these buckets somewhere...only to give up and buy yet another one (FYI -- I found 3 wreath hangers during this project!).

So this year I finally decided to put all those good organizational thoughts into action!

I found some chalkboard vinyl a couple months ago at Hobby Lobby for only $8, and with the 40% off coupon it was a steal!  I decided to make chalkboard labels in case I wanted to move things around next year.  It was such an easy project, I'm not sure why it took me like 5 years to accomplish it!

And the organization didn't stop there!  I even purchased some ornament boxes to properly store all my ornaments in a central location!  I found these boxes at Target for $10 each.  It still seems like a huge investment for ornament storage, but I'm hoping that maybe the dividers will prevent the 1/2 box of broken ornaments that I seem to find every year.

And of course I never pass up the opportunity to make some cute labels!

Anybody else feeling particularly organizy this year?  I hope I can keep it up the momentum and tackle a couple more projects that are in desperate need of a label or two!

Hope everyone had a fantastic new years!

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