Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Not-So-Simple Shelf

Well I started this project over 2 months ago.  It was supposed to be one of those simple weekend projects, that even with a toddler shouldn't have taken this long!!  In the end it was worth the wait!

I was in desperate need of a necklace holder.  I originally had a single hook to hold all the necklaces that I have acquired over the years...you know the 2 you wear on a daily basis and the 50 others that you may wear again someday.  =)

So one hook + a bunch of necklaces = a situation like this...every time.  Which usually resulted in no necklace at all.  Who has time for this?

So I recruited my husband to build a shelf with glass knobs so I could add a little organization to my necklaces.  I'm in love with how it turned out, even though it took a LOT longer to get there than I originally planned.

I think it took my husband about 20 minutes to build the actual shelf out of scrap wood we had laying around the house from other projects...and then it was up to me for the painting.

My first thought was to try the infamous tea stain you see all over pinterest.  I was really shooting for the driftwood look, so I thought I'd give it a whirl.  So many people swear by it.  It was really simple to make.  You just soak steel wool in vinegar in a jar and add tea for the coloring.  You have to let it chemicalize (that's a word right!) overnight.  The finished product looks something like this.

I was so excited to try this stain!  I even followed the directions and wore gloves...but I was a little disappointed with the final color....orange...not driftwoody at all.

So then I tried another driftwood technique I found on pinterest.  This one required baking soda and vinegar.  I lathered that puppy up and scrubbed in the mixture.


Again...disappointed with the result.

Don't get me wrong, it was pretty...but not the look I was going for at all.  After this I gave up on the all of the pinterest driftwood ideas....enter chocolate spray paint.

I sprayed  a light coat over all of my hard work.  I didn't want a solid coat of spray paint, because I knew I would be distressing it, so perfection was not necessary in this step.

So even though the first couple of ideas didn't pan out, it gave me a chance to try out some chalk paint, which I have been dying to try for a while now.  A local shop near my house sells the Maison Blanche chalk paint, which has a pretty mint color called Creme de Menthe.  I originally bought the paint for or another project, but I'll share that later on.

Chalk paint is super thick and dries very quickly, but it was very nice to work with.  Here is the shelf after one coat.

It is important to let it dry completely before adding another coat.  I'm not super patient in this area, but if you add it too soon it will take off your first coat!  I had already been working on this shelf for way to long at this point, so I decided to be patient!

I added another coat, roughed it up a bit with a sandpaper block, added some glass knobs and viola!

My necklaces are quite pleased. 

And even better I have a little bit of added storage.

So there you have it.  The moral of the story...don't be discouraged by failed attempts...and don't settle for something you don't absolutely love.  I'm so glad I kept trying because in the end it is exactly what I imagined!

I'm so glad summer is finally here!  We had a rather long spring this year.  We have so many projects planned for around the house this year.  I'm officially calling it the Summer of Redecoration!  Stay tuned!  Can't wait to get started on all of our ideas!

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  1. I don't understand how none of these beautiful posts and projects have no comments! I just found your blog through the play kitchen post, and have been working my way back. You have so many gorgeous projects!


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