Saturday, August 10, 2013

Who needs a dining room anyway?

We finally did it.  We have been talking about selling our dining room table for months to convert the room into more of a play-friendly room.  Finally we had interest in the table on craigslist!  Even though we've only used it a handful of times since moving in, I will miss walking by it and dreaming of the day we could entertain again.  Sigh.  So farewell to our lovely dining room....and hello playroom!

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It's definitely a work in progress.  We have yet to figure out the storage problem, but we have been able to tackle a couple of projects here and there.  So slowly but surely!  We found some foam wood floors to cover the real wood floors, a safer environment for tiny feet running around.  And we also bought some fold out sleeper chairs to make the room a little more cozy, and a bonus guest bedroom!

The biggest project thus far has been the lighting issue.  The chandelier was meant to hang over a table, so it was quite low...and a little fancy for a playroom.

Our original plan was to get a new fixture all together.  I wanted something playful.  A simple drum shade was the dream.  They are quite pricey though, and we would have to replace it if and when we ever decided to move.  So figuring out how to leave the existing chandelier became the new dream. 

I got the idea from my favorite blog Young House Love, where they crafted a way to put a lampshade over a chandelier.  Seemed easy enough....except finding lampshade that big was nearly impossible!  So diy to the rescue!

2 Posterboards
Biggest embroidery hoops you can find
Fishing line
1 yard of fabric
Binder clips
Glue gun
Spray adhesive

I first cut the posterboard in half longways.

And then I started attaching the postboard to the hoops (I used 2 inside hoops) with binder clips.  I needed 3 half posters to go all the way around.  I also attached fishing line to the hoops at this stage.

Then I hot glued the poster board to the hoops and kept the clips on for extra support.  The next part was my least favorite.  I attached the fabric to the posterboard by using spray adhesive.  It was super hot out and the glue was super sticky to work with.  I managed to get it on there somewhat straight, but if I had to do it again I may have just used hot glue on the fabric too.  But with the spray glue you can easily readjust if you need to.

And wha-la!  Drum shade!

I carefully tied it to the chain of the chandelier while my husband held it underneath.  Not sure how sturdy it is...I may go back and tie a couple more knots.

There are a couple things that annoy me.  Like the seam always seems to make its way to the front, visible from the living room, so I have to stare at it all the time.  But I think whenever I make it back up there to tie more knots I can fix that as well.  Also if I were to do it again, I probably wouldn't overlap the posterboard because when you turn on the light, you can see them thru the fabric.  It definitely gets the job done though and it definitely beats paying $100+ for a temporary shade!

So there you have it!  Go forth and make lamp shades!

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