Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's the holdup?

Well summer has come and gone and I don't think I've successfully finished one project since posting my summer of redecoration declaration.  So what's the holdup?  Well...I'm going to blame the weather on this one!

I was able to make a little progress on the playroom.  Since my goal is to update the nursery to a "big boy" room, I wanted to incorporate some of the nursery decorations in the playroom.  I just wasn't ready to get rid of them all together!  My favorite addition to the nursery was the tree decals we put behind the crib.  I knew it would be super easy to transfer them to the playroom.  Boy was I wrong.

After days of tedious peeling and resticking and unfolding and cursing, I was finally able to get them onto the new walls in a semi-straight fashion....only to find this...

Argh!!  The trees are too short!  So I need to fix this somehow.  That's another project for another day...and frankly pretty far down on the for now I will have floating trees.
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