Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What's the holdup?

Well summer has come and gone and I don't think I've successfully finished one project since posting my summer of redecoration declaration.  So what's the holdup?  Well...I'm going to blame the weather on this one!

I was able to make a little progress on the playroom.  Since my goal is to update the nursery to a "big boy" room, I wanted to incorporate some of the nursery decorations in the playroom.  I just wasn't ready to get rid of them all together!  My favorite addition to the nursery was the tree decals we put behind the crib.  I knew it would be super easy to transfer them to the playroom.  Boy was I wrong.

After days of tedious peeling and resticking and unfolding and cursing, I was finally able to get them onto the new walls in a semi-straight fashion....only to find this...

Argh!!  The trees are too short!  So I need to fix this somehow.  That's another project for another day...and frankly pretty far down on the for now I will have floating trees.
I also halfway finished an art wall with frames from the nursery.  I also added a couple magnetic strips to hang artwork from school.  I still need to put a couple shelves up to finish this wall.

I also brought the hooks in from the nursery and used them for diaper bag storage and what not.  So I guess technically I have one wall finished!

 So there you have it.  My mostly finished playroom!  Looks great from this angle...

 But then you have this...

Could be a lot worse...but I love when everything has a home...a nice and tidy home.  So this stack of toys, which is usually thrown about the floor, irks me every time I walk by.  The plan is to move the nursery dresser into here for toy what's the hold up?  Weather!  I told you!

This guy is patiently waiting for his new home.  The problem is I can't finish painting the new dresser until the weather cools off!!

I started the process this weekend at our first glimpse of fall weather, but it was short lived and now I'm left with this...a half finished dresser hogging my parking spot in the garage.

To be continued...


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