Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Table to Chairish

Last week I was contacted by Chairish to see if I'd be interested in creating a design board for a holiday table based around one piece of their vintage table top decor items.  It sounded like so much fun so of course I said yes!

If you don't know about Chairish, you should definitely go check them out.  It's a great resource for buying and selling stylish vintage furniture and pieces from all eras.  I've become completely obsessed with it!  There are so many great finds!  And don't you just love their name...such a cute play on words!

So the challenge for me was picking just one tabletop item.  There were so many great options.  The first one that caught my eye was this beauty.

This silver plated teapot instantly took me back to baby doll tea parties with my brothers...yep you read that right, not quite sure how I convinced them to play along, but I have a lot of fond memories roping them into girlie playtime!  So I decided this would be a fun piece to design a table around!

1.  Glazed Leaf Dish | 2.  Crystal Hostess Flatware Set | 3.  Peace Dessert Plates with Caddy 
4.  Luneville Faience Bowls | 5.  Die Cut Table Runner | 6.  Antique Pine Cabinet
7.  Laguna Rattan Chair | 8.  Dash and Albert Yacht Stripe Rug | 9.  Vintage Addiction Farmhouse Dining Set
10. Lee Jofa Honeycomb Chair with Tailored Skirt | 11. Lorenzo Zigzag Cream Pillow
12. Vintage Aluminum Christmas Tree | 13.  Mid-Century Modern Glass Espresso Cups  
14.  Silver-Plated Footed Teapot & Creamer Set | 15.  Mid-Century Glass Charger
16.  Silver Serving Dish | 17. Vintage Lampshade Chandelier

I love how it turned out!  It's got that great cabin feel that makes you want to snuggle up in a blanket and listen to family stories by the fire.  It's perfect for an intimate family gathering, my favorite type of Christmas dinner!  I love the juxtaposition of rustic elements with a touch of elegance.  After deciding on the teapot, I picked out this gorgeous picnic-style table and added a rustic cabinet piece.  Do you see the chicken wire on the!  I wish I could buy both of these for my house!  I added a cool wire light fixture above the table as well.  Now that I think about it...maybe I have a secret wire obsession.

My next find were the red and white floral bowls.  They gave the table a Christmasy feel without actually being Christmas dishes.  I love that you could use them all year long!  I stumbled upon the peace dishes by total accident, but I think they fit in perfectly.  I like mixing and matching different table settings, mostly because it doesn't require you to have complete sets of every dish you own.  After finding the bowls and plates, I wanted to find a simple glass to go along with them.  The clear cups coordinated perfectly and were simple enough to not outshine the teapot!

Next I looked for accent pieces to coordinate with the bowls.  The red stripe charger and amazing leaf plate were perfect additions!  I love how they add a little pop of color without being too overwhelming.  The silver serving dish and the crystal flatware set are actually 2 more items from the table top collection provided by Chairish, but I loved them so much that I had to add them in.  I thought they just added to the elegance of the table.  

While searching for tables, this red rattan chair popped out at me.  It's so cute, such a perfect chair to have in a little reading corner that you can easily pull up to a table when you have guests.  And of course the fact that they had a number of different colors made me even more intrigued...colors...they get me every time!  I'm thrilled I was able to pull this chair up into the design.  I also found this red upholstered chair.  Everyone has a chair like this around their house, right?  Mismatched chairs around a dining room are my absolute favorite!  It gives it a more relaxed, informal feel.

I searched for the table runner last.  I wanted simple and classic and this die cut piece was the perfect find.  I went with a neutral colored rug and throw pillow to complete the cabiny look I was going for.  And what's a holiday table without a tree?  Aren't these vintage aluminum trees just the cutest?  

There you have it!  My perfect holiday table!  The best part is that I found it all on one website!  So stress-free!  Thank you Chairish for letting me design this amazing table setting!!  It was so much fun!

So what's your favorite piece from this amazing vintage collection?  What's your favorite holiday design style?  Would love to hear from you!

I don't know what it is about Christmas decorations, but I love how cozy they make your house feel.  Maybe it's the childhood memories creeping back, or maybe it's because they remind you of cold winter nights or maybe it's the fact that you spend a lot of your time on the couch surrounding by them watching corny Christmas movies...whatever it is, I like it.  Happy holiday decorating!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Merry & Bright

I started the week off by sharing about the new new visitor in our house Thomas the Elf and sharing an amazing opportunity to win a Silhouette Cameo or a Silhouette Portrait, so be sure to enter and check out the rest of the amazing Christmas projects!!  

I had a lot of fun decorating for Christmas this year!  I've been pinning Christmas ideas since before Halloween, I've been so excited!  I'm so glad I started early and knock out a couple projects before the business of December began!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Our Shelf Elf and Giveaway!

I'm so excited to be part of the Silhouette December Challenge.  There are a total of 37 amazing Christmas projects for you to check out!  And I'm even more excited to be a part of this totally fabulous giveaway!!  My very first giveaway and let me tell you the prizes are AWESOME!  Be sure to enter at the bottom.

We have a new visitor in our house that arrived on December 1.  Just in time for the holiday challenge theme this month!  That was convenient =)  The Thomas the Train obsessed little boy in our house came up with the name Thomas.  I think it suits him just fine!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


There are so many things to be thankful this year!  I am especially grateful for my son's teachers at school.  I don't think you could ever thank teachers enough!  I found a cute little cookie gift idea on pinterest (with free printable tags) that inspired me to make a couple Thanksgiving gifts for them.

I found these cute mugs at Target on clearance for $1.50...impossible to pass up!  Throw in some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and you got a perfect little fall gift to show someone just how thankful you are!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Super Room Redo

This month's Silhouette challenge theme is My Favorite Things.  One of my absolute favorite things is vinyl.  I really can't imagine my life without it now!  It's so versatile.  And my favorite's REVERSIBLE!!  You can peel it right back off!

So when we first decorated our nursery we bought some vinyl birch trees, and I absolutely loved them.  I transferred the trees to the dining room walls when we converted it into a playroom.  So with the newly bare walls in my son's room, I thought it was the perfect time to upgrade the nursery into more of a big boy room...something less gender neutral and something he can grow into it.  Well there was no question on the HAD to be Superman!  I searched everywhere for a cityscape scene to really bring the room together, but nothing was really catching my eye, and the price tags were deterring me even more.  I toyed with the idea of making my own, but the task seemed daunting.  The sheer size of the wall was overwhelming.  I finally worked up the nerve to give it a try...and I couldn't be happier with the results.  I'll never buy another wall decal again!  It was so much easier than I though it would be!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Land that I Love

Ah summer.  My favorite time of year.  As soon as the calendar reaches June I instantly start craving snocones and long afternoons in the pool.  I happily trade in my boots for sandals and flip flops and replace my sweaters with complaints about the heat.  I love summer!

It just happens to be the season of my favorite holiday too.  Fourth of July.  You can't get much better than hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, apple pie in the oven and homemade ice cream churning in the ice cream maker....except that you can!  Fireworks!!  I absolutely love it!

So of course every year I have to add a couple new decorations to the collection.  This year I wanted a couple signs I could use all summer long.  And it was perfect for this month's Silhouette Challenge theme!  (see below for some more awesome patriotic projects)

I love little signs I can change out with the seasons.  It makes decorating super easy!  Hobby Lobby sells a couple different packages of scrap wood for only $10 (and if you use your 40% off coupon it's a total score!)  I have used them for so many projects, they are always nice to have on hand!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


This is the last week of school for most schools in our area.  And while our son isn't in elementary school yet, we still owe a big thanks to his teachers at daycare.  They are simply amazing!  This year the theme was movie stars and each day we brought in a different present to show them how special they really are.

At the end of the week we wrote handwritten thank you notes and I couldn't help myself, I had to make some more sugar scrubs since the first ones were such a huge hit!  This time I went with my favorite peppermint scent and included a little tag that says "You were Mint to Teach".

We truly had a lot of star teachers this year!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Easy Spring Banner

Spring is here!  Yay!!  Now only if the weather would catch up!  I love when Easter falls in April.  It gives me a chance to actually enjoy Easter decorations for a while (after finally getting all of the Christmas decorations put away).  My mantle has been feeling a little empty without stockings, so I wanted to make a cute spring banner to hang on it that I could enjoy all spring long. 

This banner couldn't be easier.  I've been itching to test out my fabric blade for my silhouette, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out.  I used it to cut a bunch of hearts out of fabric I had laying around the house.  If you don't have a silhouette, you can make a stencil or pattern and cut them out by's still really easy to do!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Sugar scrubs are always a great gift and are especially easy to make.  My favorite is the peppermint one, I could use it all year round!  But I needed something to go along with the cute little saying that I transformed for my little one's teachers.  There are tons of recipes for sugar scrubs on Pinterest, but I decided to be creative and add my own flare to it.  Lemon Vanilla Spice.  Yummy!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Keep Calm and Quack On

My college bathroom was all about rubber duckies. I loved how those little yellow ducks brightened up a room and come on, they are adorable. Those ducks stayed with me move after move, from apartment to apartment and even made a debut in our guest bathroom of our house when we moved in.  But as my taste changed, and as I sadly grew up, I thought it was time to say our goodbyes. Well...not totally. I knew someday I would welcome their return...someday when I had the perfect excuse to drag that box down from the attic and bring those shiny little yellow ducks back into our home. You can get away with so much with a kiddo, am I right?

So here they are again! I'm bringing them back...with style!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Organization in Disguise

Our little tike recently became interested in playing "cook" as he calls it.  Santa brought him a play food set for Christmas, but somehow Santa forgot to bring the play pantry to store it all in!

I love the idea of building play kitchens from nightstands and old tv stands and bookcases on pinterest, but unfortunately we just don't have room in our house for something like that...although I would love to have an excuse to build one of those someday!  So after a couple weeks of finding food thrown about the house, I thought I should at least get a bucket or something to store it all in.  I thought I could even slap some burners on the top of the bucket and bam, have a play kitchen.  But as I was walking down the plastic bin aisle at Target, it came to me.  Why not build a play kitchen out of a storage bin with drawers?  It would definitely give us more storage and an opportunity to add to the food collection in the future.  Plus you have the added bonus of toy organization in disguise as a play kitchen.  So I that's exactly what I did!  And for under $20, it didn't hurt the budget either.

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