Monday, January 20, 2014

Organization in Disguise

Our little tike recently became interested in playing "cook" as he calls it.  Santa brought him a play food set for Christmas, but somehow Santa forgot to bring the play pantry to store it all in!

I love the idea of building play kitchens from nightstands and old tv stands and bookcases on pinterest, but unfortunately we just don't have room in our house for something like that...although I would love to have an excuse to build one of those someday!  So after a couple weeks of finding food thrown about the house, I thought I should at least get a bucket or something to store it all in.  I thought I could even slap some burners on the top of the bucket and bam, have a play kitchen.  But as I was walking down the plastic bin aisle at Target, it came to me.  Why not build a play kitchen out of a storage bin with drawers?  It would definitely give us more storage and an opportunity to add to the food collection in the future.  Plus you have the added bonus of toy organization in disguise as a play kitchen.  So I that's exactly what I did!  And for under $20, it didn't hurt the budget either.

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