Monday, January 20, 2014

Organization in Disguise

Our little tike recently became interested in playing "cook" as he calls it.  Santa brought him a play food set for Christmas, but somehow Santa forgot to bring the play pantry to store it all in!

I love the idea of building play kitchens from nightstands and old tv stands and bookcases on pinterest, but unfortunately we just don't have room in our house for something like that...although I would love to have an excuse to build one of those someday!  So after a couple weeks of finding food thrown about the house, I thought I should at least get a bucket or something to store it all in.  I thought I could even slap some burners on the top of the bucket and bam, have a play kitchen.  But as I was walking down the plastic bin aisle at Target, it came to me.  Why not build a play kitchen out of a storage bin with drawers?  It would definitely give us more storage and an opportunity to add to the food collection in the future.  Plus you have the added bonus of toy organization in disguise as a play kitchen.  So I that's exactly what I did!  And for under $20, it didn't hurt the budget either.

I designed the stovetop by cutting out different sized offset circles in vinyl.  We already had the pan set, so I used that as a guide on how big to cut the circles.

 For those of you with your own silhouette cameo, I used stove shapes from the silhouette online store to create handles and oven windows and timer.  The silver vinyl was perfect for the handles and knobs.  It would look even cuter with real handles and knobs, which we could definitely add in the future, but I like how we could easily peel off the vinyl and still have a useable storage bin if we ever needed one!

I found some cute green command hooks on clearance.  They were the perfect size to hang utensils and a pot holder on the side.

It was as simple as that!

Cost breakdown:
  • I bought the storage bin on sale for only $10 at Target.
  • I already had the vinyl.  I have assorted rolls of the Silhouette 12-Inch Premium Vinyl but I also bought an assorted pack of vinyl from Amazon and have used it for a ton of projects.  It's a great way to have a little bit of every color imaginable! 
  • Command hooks, I found them on clearance at Target for only $2, but here are some similar ones for not much more.
  • Pot holder, also from Target for $4.  I wasn't thrilled on the size of it, or the price for that matter, so I searched at the dollar store and a couple other locations, but I couldn't find anything better.
Grand Total = $16

So for less than $20 and 10 minutes, I was able to create a great play kitchen to organize all of the play food and cookware.

And it meets his approval, so that's all that really matters!

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  1. Hi! Last night I had the thought that I could make a play kitchen from plastic bins. A little looking on Pinterest and I found the perfect solution! We also have the same set of kitchen pans, so this is going to work out wonderfully. Thanks for posting this, you really helped me out! ~April

    1. Great minds think alike! :) So glad I could help!! Have fun creating yours!

    2. curious as to where you got the pots from? I need to get some and about what size are they?

  2. Hi, looks fun. I haven't worked with vinyl. Are these pieces peel and stick or do I have to trace onto vinyl and cut out?

    1. Hi Marie, I used my Silhouette machine to cut out the shapes on vinyl. You can absolutely trace it and use an exacto knife to cut it though. It has a sticky back so it's really easy to work with. I used this vinyl pack on amazon, it has a lot of different colors and cheaper than buying rolls of each color. Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks Kerri, I am really set in trying this , but I am a little confused :-) what exactly will I be ordering from Silhouette Online?

    3. Hi Marie. Silhouette has 2 machines that will cut out shapes and pretty much anything you want. If you are interested in that you should check out the Silhouette Cameo or Silhouette Portrait. They are not a cheap investment, but if you do a lot of crafty things, they are definitely a good purchase!

      If you are interested in a machine like that, then you can install the software on your computer and download different shapes to cut out. I used the software to design this kitchen set and cut out the shapes on the vinyl. Hope that helps!

      I've also seen other bloggers cut vinyl with just an exacto knife. Check out this tutorial if you are interested in that route.

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  4. I'm not very crafty I have markers(lol) no nothing about vinyl and such but my 2 1/2yr old saw this and absolutely loves this ...any ideas on how I can make the stove designs or where I could possibly get them?

    1. I found something similar that I ordered on Etsy. Here is the link


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