Monday, March 24, 2014

Easy Spring Banner

Spring is here!  Yay!!  Now only if the weather would catch up!  I love when Easter falls in April.  It gives me a chance to actually enjoy Easter decorations for a while (after finally getting all of the Christmas decorations put away).  My mantle has been feeling a little empty without stockings, so I wanted to make a cute spring banner to hang on it that I could enjoy all spring long. 

This banner couldn't be easier.  I've been itching to test out my fabric blade for my silhouette, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out.  I used it to cut a bunch of hearts out of fabric I had laying around the house.  If you don't have a silhouette, you can make a stencil or pattern and cut them out by's still really easy to do!

Supplies Needed:Burlap
Coordinating cotton fabric
Heat 'n Bond
String or Ribbon
Hot glue gun

First I drew out a pattern on paper for the burlap triangles.  I cut around the pattern to make 8 triangles.  In the past I've used mod podge to seal the edges, but I only had 30 minutes so I opted to skip that step.  Next I ironed on some heat and bond to the fabric.  Then I ran it through the silhouette to cut out the hearts.

Then I simply ironed the hearts onto the burlap.

After all the hearts were applied to the burlap, I laid them face down on a table and hot glued jute string to the back.  And that's it.  Seriously, how easy is that?

I love it.  And the best part is I can enjoy it all spring long...maybe even all summer =)

Happy Spring!!


  1. Aww !!! , this banner is very attractive. I often follow the blogs of, for learning different homely things from the tutorials. Well, keep sharing and I would say the banner is lovely.

  2. A wonderful idea how easy and simple it is possible to create such an interesting decoration yourself without assistance.


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